Who Are We?

Eva: The principal author of this blog, I was a journalism major (hence my “qualification” for writing) for a few weeks until I decided to pursue the big money of being a political science major.  Which meant law school was inevitable.  Born in Chicago, I suffered permanent seasonal affective disorder until I went to college in New Orleans and saw the (sun)light.  And when I moved to Maryland for law school I saw the water.  And the man who claims he would have lived on a boat if I hadn’t domesticated him.  I married Rick in 1989, and we bought our first sailboat, a C&C 26, in 1994.  Eventually, I found my preferred remedy for seasickness, and not only made peace with the sailing life, but found a way to make it my own.

My bouts of SAD — for even south-of-the Mason-Dixon-Line Maryland has winter — have required many, many therapeutic trips to the islands and have inspired an abiding love for the Out Islands of the Bahamas.  Luckily, I have a great career as a corporate lawyer and understanding colleagues, both of which allow me to take my “medicine” a couple of times a year.  And now, I’m in a position to take a sabbatical that will allow me to explore the Bahamas on my own boat. I will serve as the purser, galley wench, cruise director, archivist, and any other stereotypically “pink” role that may be necessary.

Rick: If you abruptly find this blog being written in short, declarative sentences,  unburdened by numerous asides set off by parentheses, dashes or ellipses, it’s because Rick has taken over.

Rick’s birth in Idaho Falls may explain a propensity for hurtling down whitewater in a tiny canoe, all the way to the U.S. Wildwater Canoe team in his teens.  But eventually, Rick’s interests turned to watery pursuits that didn’t involve sniffing resin, wearing a helmet (the 2013 America’s Cup aside), or kneeling – he first became a wanna-be sailor, and then eventually a full-fledged bank-account-depleting one, owning both the Sabre 402 as well as a share in a Harbor 20 race boat named Mofongo.  An engineering major in college morphed into a history degree, and ultimately put Rick on a collision course with law school and Eva.

In order to pursue his sailing wishes, Rick took to bribing reluctant Eva – first with clothes, then with island charter vacations, then with acceding to her wishes for bigger boats.  Rick gets to apply his MacGyverlike improvisational skills in an environment that guarantees lots of minor repairs ALL THE TIME.  He’s not a bad sailor, either.  After this interlude, he’ll return to his career as a real estate attorney.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sharon Harrison

    Hi guys! I am auntie Phyllis’s daughter, Sharon. My husband and I are planning to sail when he retires in four years and were really excited when my mom sent us your website! We would like to see all the fun places you see and hear about them!

    Wish you the best!

  2. Mark Roope

    corporate lawyers.. Good to see you are the modern day Robin Hood’s by legally taking money from big firms and spreading it amongst the boating fraternity who will very quickly take it all away. Good sailing my friends and I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


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