Where Do I Go From Here?

Well, Calypso’s Odyssey has been finished now for almost 2 months.  As you might guess, I miss many things about it, but I’m also grateful for the comforts of home.  As always,  I’m plotting the next adventure, and working hard to make sure that this “trip of a lifetime” is not just a one-time event.

Click above (on “MAP”) to see the final map of our journey.  We covered over 3,000 nautical miles by boat.  That’s not so much by air, a lot by car, but a HUGE distance by vessel that typically goes about 6 knots.  Not including all the amazing stops along the way.

I’ve really enjoyed writing about our adventure on this blog, and my monthly dispatches in Spinsheet.   Writing is fun for me, not a chore, and so I’d like to keep it up here.  So, while I won’t be posting as often here, keep watching this space for occasional musings about sailing and travel.  Feel free to make observations and ask questions.  I’ve loved having readers’ input.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in reading about my past travels, I’ve been keeping a website for ages.  http://islandtime.homestead.com/

Until next time….







2 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. AlfredBrennan

    Eva and Rick:

    I have followed your blog since November. Needless to say I am jealous. I keep my 35’ Caliber “Two Marys II” in the West River. You recently mentioned that you had a great raft up in Harness Creek. I had never ventured upo the South River as I was always told it was a power boat place. This past weekend my wife and I spent the night in Harness Creek and it is now her favorite place.

    Keep the Blog going as I am always learning from your adventures.

    Alfred L. Brennan, Jr.

  2. Pam Bailey

    Eva and Rick,

    You had to break up with your audience on a Monday? 🙂

    Eva, you are a gifted writer and I have greatly enjoyed your and Rick’s adventure. I hope that you will keep the blog rolling with upcoming news and travels.

    I thank you both for bringing some sunshine to this past Winter when we so greatly needed it; some say we got more snow than Canada, but, who knows. Cheers!



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