Decisions, Decisions

We have a difference of opinion at Chateau Calypso.  I’m not saying who holds which opinion.  I’ll only say that one of us prefers the old-style of Rick — close-shaven and close-cropped.  Like this:

oldrick3 oldrick2 oldrick1

The other prefers the scruffy-haired and un-shaven version:

newrick4 newrick3 newrick2 newrick1

Although I can’t say that your opinions will govern this very important decision, we’d nevertheless like to have them.  So, please, weigh in!  (Regardless, no change will be made until June.)


13 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Ginger Weingarten

    If the soul is unchanged by the outward facing wallpaper dare I say ‘let the wear-er 🙂 decide’…


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  2. Jim H

    I am gonna have to come down on the side of clean shaven and close cropped, but one tends to vote ones own preference. That said, the slightly “dangereux” look becomes you man….

  3. comocean

    Split decision here, obviously Phyllis carriers the day on Comocean but I would treat the razor like a tie and throw it out…

  4. George Lawler

    Rather than weighing in on the pressing matter of facial hair versus clean-shaven, I wish to only say WELCOME BACK TO THE LAND OF PLEASANT LIVING!

  5. Becky Levin

    Dave you vote to keep the scruff….like in baseball playoffs. I go for clean shaven…and of course I am losing that battle in my house so who am I to talk! See you soon.


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