The Cruising Life — Q&A

Harriet (ex-S/V Moondance) directed me to this humorous blog post that talks about the glamor of living aboard:

In the meantime, since some of my devoted readership didn’t get to ask questions last time around, or may have more, I invite you to ask me more questions — in the Comments section, on Facebook, or my email (  I may even give serious responses to some the questions.

3 thoughts on “The Cruising Life — Q&A

  1. Jacqui Yeatman

    Hi Eva ! We’ve loved your blog. Here’s my question–what ways have you and Rick found to get exercise when you are on the boat for so long?

    Jacqui Yeatman

  2. Mark Roope

    Eva, just wanted to say thanks for putting the link to our blog up and I hope you and your readers enjoy it.
    I see Jacqui talks about exercise. I know we jog around the deck each morning. Once around takes 12.34 seconds. (actually the 12 seconds is to check the anchor)..I do a lot of exercise on my back.. fixing the engine, unblocking the loo’s and checking the big stick in the middle of the boat is still pointing to the sky. We also have fun exercising by playing with those big white flappy things I think they call sails… Hope that helps a little.
    Excellent blogs… keep on writing.Eva and fair winds my friends


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