Road Trip!

You remember road trips.  Get a bunch of people you like in a car, hit the open road, and go somewhere cool.  You’ve got to have music and snacks (Twizzlers!) and witty repartee as well.  And you have to abuse someone for speaking up when they need a pit stop, even though everyone in the car actually needs to go.

We are comfortably settled at Vero Beach’s Loggerhead Marina for a few days as we run errands and re-stock our galley.

009 006

Loggerhead is a great place, although we’ve run into a few noseeums here.  Persistent little buggers.

In between doing that, we and Skip and Harriet decided to drive across Florida to visit our friends Michael and Julie (Sabre 402 Running on MT), who have followed the migration from Maryland to Florida and become permanent residents of a beautiful new home on Siesta Key (Oops!  Almost wrote “Cay”!)  We didn’t do a whole lot other than eat, drink and be merry.


On Michael and Julie’s lagoon-side dock on Siesta Key.  It was quite chilly.

Oh yeah; we went to the beach too.


The shelling on Florida’s west coast clearly rivals the Bahamas.  I found this batch of goodies in about an hour’s worth of effort, and I didn’t try very hard.   I also found most excellent shoes at the stores….

Michael and Julie are generous hosts, and I’ve volunteered myself to be adopted by them and reside on a cot in their wine room.  Which would be convenient, because if I moved in, I’d probably have to get my own damn wine.

We ended our brief visit with a great lunch at The Cottage, which featured lots of raw tuna.

001 - the gang at the cottage 004

Hanging on the outside deck at The Cottage.

On the road, we took in the scenery of the central part of the state.  It doesn’t inspire me to wax poetic (and I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, since they were taken on the fly).

First of all, there are a lot of cows.  Cows are a big industry in this flat, flat state.

006 005

So are oranges.

010 007

Everywhere are orange groves and orange processing facilities.

011 021

There are also prisoner processing facilities, as well as sod farms.  Not associated with each other, however.

The restrooms in the roadside gas stations are nothing if not picturesque.


What the ….?

But you can find a collection of pork cracklin’s in any flavor you might crave.


And at every intersection in any town of decent size, you will find a CVS drugstore.  And it is always across the street from a Walgreen’s.

031 032 033 034

If you can’t find it at CVS or Walgreen’s, do you really need it?

Fortunately, since I’ve come down with a sore throat and sinus infection following our arrival to the chilly Florida climate, I don’t have very far to go.

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