Pipe Dreams

We’re winding up a visit from our friends Skip and Harriet (formerly Moondance).  We had the pleasure of visiting them twice when they were cruising in the Exumas, and showing us the ropes.  Now we not only get to return the favor, but also get the opportunity to share with them some of the spots we’ve claimed for our own — in particular, a couple of anchorages around Pipe Cay.

So, what do we do when friends visit?

Compare Notes

Harriet and I need to see whether we’re wearing the same toenail polish and shoes.  Usually, the answer is yes, yes we are.

001 - Big Major's 001 - Cambridge Cay

Completely coincidentally, we were wearing toenail polish to coordinate with the Exuma waters.  And we both have purple Keens.

Go Visit the Pigs

Skip and Harriet never got a really close look at the Big Majors swimming pigs because their dog Bailey would likely go apoplectic.  So, we saved some moldy bread and brought them brunch.

020 006

Having a 300 pound porker come swimming in for food is disconcerting.  But the little piggies are definitely cute!

Go Paddling

Our first destination was Skip and Harriet’s favorite, Cambridge Cay in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  The anchorage and its surrounding cays and beaches is a great place to kayak and SUP, which Rick, Harriet and I did.

055 053

Harriet was reunited with her kayak, while Rick displayed his superior balance and cat-like reflexes on the SUP.

Ride Out a Storm

One morning in Cambridge Cay, we were surprised by a random squall.  The wind meter clocked in as high as 46.7 knots.  Hairy!


Makes you glad to be on a mooring ball!

Practice Catch-and-Release Beachcombing

Since Exuma Park is a no-take zone — including shelling — the most we can do with our finds is admire and photograph them.

130 045 043 069 067 056 052

Go Snorkeling

Exuma Park has some pretty amazing snorkel spots.

069 021 - Cambridge Cay Snorkeling

Go Hiking

There are many hiking trails in Exuma Park.  We hiked to Bell Rock, and then up the hill on Cambridge Cay one day.  It was a brilliantly sunny day, so the views were lovely.

006 024 030 031 033

Go Swimming

One of our favorite beaches, as well as Skip and Harriet’s, is Honeymoon Beach on Cambridge Cay.  There is a blue hole just off the beach, which makes for perfect floating.  I have no idea how deep it is.

109 108 096 056I

If you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view), you might even catch an very amateur synchronized swimming demonstration.

There is also the very lovely Compass Cay beach on Exuma Sound.

027 304

The surf was a bit boisterous that day.

Go Hunting for Sand Dollars

The sand flats off Pipe Cay are rich with sand dollars, and if you are inveterate beach comber, you can hardly get enough.

244 255 031 - Sand Flats Pipe Cay West 037 - March 1 Haul 003

Practice Find-and-Keep Beachcombing

Thomas Cay in the Pipe Creek area has a terrific beachcombing beach on the Exuma Sound side.  Beach glass and shells galore.  BUT, first you have to get there.  That requires a slog through a not-quite-dry salt pond; the mud feels, smells and looks like, well, poop.

225 226

Ugh!  It was even worse before I discovered it was easier to do it WITHOUT shoes!  At first, I sunk in ankle-deep and lost my shoes, having to retrieve them by hand.

But we found lots of goodies on the beach.

254 020 017 016

Naturally, we got one of Rick’s trademark cairns.

Hang Out With Sharks

What visit to the central Exumas is complete without hanging out with the Compass Cay sharks?

011 025

Wonder if the sharks like Kalik?

Have a Burger and Hang Out at Compass Cay Marina

289 287 006 - Harriet at Compass Cay 005 - Rick at Compass Cay

It may not be the best cheeseburger you’ll ever eat, but Tucker’s burgers are perfect for the place and time.

Just Hang Out

Good friends in a beautiful place.  What more can you ask for?

3 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams

  1. Ardis HIll

    Wow love all those shells, and all those sand dollars! We are having alot of snow again. Thankfully Griff has a snow blower so my driveway is passable. However there is a ice base, and parking lotss are a mess, so hopefully by tomorrow afternoon it will be OK I have appt for some xrays and a MRI to see what is up with my feet. I watched Jack play basketball on Saturday, those little guys are so cute, Jack made 2 baskets and his team won the game. HE really hustles! Mom Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 21:10:48 +0000 To: hillenter@hotmail.com

  2. Ed

    Very nice. We were hoping to get up there before Skip and Harriett leave, but we aren’t leaving Gtown until Tuesday. Musha Cay tomorrow night and searching for the piano.


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