Cruiser Q & A

By popular demand (OK, one person has asked for it), I’ll be happy to do a Q&A post in the coming days.

If you have any questions you’d like answered, please ask them either in the comments to this post, or by sending me an email to  Look for responses soon (depending on WiFi availability).

Fair winds!

6 thoughts on “Cruiser Q & A

  1. moondance38

    hmmmm….How many bottles of rum are left? Any skinny-dipping or naked sailing yet? What are you craving? What do you miss most/least? What’s your favorite feature on the boat?
    Might stay up tonight thinking of more questions!

    1. jbpturner

      This Q&A topic was actually discussed by a number of us last night at the CBSA gathering… Here’s my Q; what do you do when you’re feeling cramped on the boat and can’t leave for a while? What’s your favorite seasick remedy? Is there such a thing as too much conch salad and Kalik beer? Do you worry about projects you left behind at work? Do you enjoy making up recipes? Will you pitch a special ” Cruisers” Chopped to the Food Channel?

  2. Ann Kahle

    Being Italian and very food focused-any foods you miss terribly/can’t find substitutes for?? What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten?? Like when Chuck was in China and he really wasn’t certain the protein source in the soup other than being small boned 🙂

  3. Bob Browning

    In the beginning you had some boat engine issues. Have they settled down or become manageable?
    I know you’re part of the master planning society. What are some of the unexpected items that have occurred?

  4. Pam Bailey

    I was wondering if you are losing weight from all the exercise and local ingredients. Do you get tired of too much sun and what, if any, precautions are you taking for your skin.

    Another thought that I have had while enjoying your blogs – do you think you could retire and live on Calypso full time?

    Eva, you are a such a gifted and colorful writer, I hope you are able to publish something someday – I have truly enjoyed your blogs and have been sharing them around here at work and with family. Cheers!


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