Cruiser Stress — Follow-Up

Dinghied into New Plymouth this morning, and went right to the government clinic.  I walked right into the exam room, had my eye checked out (all is well!), and left minutes later.  I tried to pay, but they wouldn’t charge me, saying “it was nothing.”

It was a whole lot to me!  So we went shopping and contributed to the local economy.  Not really much to buy here, but we stocked up on local seafood (namely grouper, conch and lobster tails).  We’ll be eating well aboard Calypso in the coming weeks.

Conch chowder will be on the menu tonight, accompanied by heavenly Bahamian bread and Bahamian beer.  This is a traditional boat meal for me in the Bahamas, so I’m looking forward to it.

Looking like a beach day….

3 thoughts on “Cruiser Stress — Follow-Up

  1. Ardis Hill

    Glad to hear everything is OK We had snow here yesterday, but is melting here In Germantown. Other places still have snow and ice.

  2. Levin Family

    Great news that all went well. No shoveling needed all washed away but two more storms in the forecast. Happy trails!!


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