Packaging Rage – Part II

Warning – this is BLUE post!  Eva’s packaging rage inspired me to highlight a couple of the “packaging” challenges that I have to deal with as I try to keep Calypso happy and operational.  A sailboat (or any boat for that matter) is an exercise in using a small amount of space to its best advantage.  For us on Calypso, that means we have a pretty large galley (kitchen) and living spaces, both down below in the cabin and above decks.  But that does mean a few compromises.

For example, this is the sink and some of the counter space.  Pretty nice!


But what do you think hides beneath?  That would the engine, that makes the power that keeps the lights on, the drinks cold, and gets us around when the wind won’t cooperate.  This is how you get in there to change the oil, fix the pumps, and all of the other fun stuff I do periodically.



 As far as sailboats go, access is actually pretty good, but still requires a little contortion to get to a few or the more obscure parts.

Not so bad, you say.  Then lets move on.  

This looks like a nice part of the cockpit seating.


But that’s the only way in to work back in this cave.


See the flashlight all the way in the back?  That’s where I had to go to make a repair.  Getting there goes something like this.


And then this


Nice legs, huh?

So now back to that packaging rage .  .  .

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