When I was a kid (chronologically, anyway), I was a baseball fanatic and had a huge crush on Steve Garvey.  I was going to marry him.  (What do you want?  I was only 11.)  As a result, I was highly interested in all things related to the L.A. Dodgers, including their spring training facility in Vero Beach, Florida.  I needed to figure out a way to get there, somehow.  I never got to Vero Beach until after the Dodgers moved elsewhere for spring training, never married Steve Garvey,  got over that crush and moved on to others.

I’m in Vero Beach right now — known to many cruisers as Velcro Beach because of the warm welcome it offers to sailors passing through on their way further south — a welcome so warm that some never leave.  Rick and I are busy working to get those last boat chores completed before we move on, once a weather window presents itself.

While ensconced in Loggerhead Marina here, we have a rental car and are spending our days hunting, gathering, installing and stowing stuff.  As soon as I think I have control of all of our stuff, we bring another load in and I despair of ever getting it all crammed in while still leaving room for use to live.

mess1 mess2

We are constantly moving and re-moving bins and boxes and stuff.  And I haven’t even gone shopping for food yet.

While here, the weather has been mostly lousy, but when it’s been nice, we’ve been making a point of trying to have a little bit of fun, even though we still have a lot of work to do.  Yesterday, we spent some time hanging out with Skip and Harriet at their home (and their pool) before going out to dinner with them and Norm and Nancy (True Loev), acquaintances from the Cheseapeake.  Today, we spent a few hours at the beach, enjoying the November sunshine.


A little sun, sand and surf are good for morale.

Next week, the pace of work will likely increase, since we’re hoping to head further south during the first week of December.

In the meantime, I’m still pinching myself.  I’m in VERO BEACH!  On my own boat!  That 11-year-old girl with a Dodger crush couldn’t possibly have imagined these circumstances.  In fact, as Harriet and I were talking today, we recalled last January, when Rick and I visited them while they were at the Vero Beach City Marina aboard Moondance, waiting to go south.  Neither one of us could have guessed then than Harriet would be living in Vero, and Rick and I would be here on Calypso.  You just never know where life will take you.

2 thoughts on “Dodgertown

  1. svmerlin40

    You are bringing back so many memories of that first year of cruising, especially packing, sorting and storing all that stuff. It will all fit. There is some boat magic that sucks it all on. By the way, I’ve moved to wearing boat moving clothes separate from the clothes that my friends see. Hope to see you soon. Tina

  2. Lynn

    So I was having dinner with my BFF Vickie and she tells me about your story and mentions how you and a friend found you both had your toenails painted the same color. “Come on” I said, having just seen this on a FB post. Could the friend be Harriet, one of my cruising friends (who incidentally I have not met though we have spoken over the VHF)? If you are still in Vero, send my best. And as a side note more relevant to your post, you must have died when Steve Garvey modeled underwear. See our blog Have a wonderful time.


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