Reunited, And it Feels So Good

On Tuesday, I finally cut my ties to my land-based home and flew to Melbourne, Florida, where Calypso awaited — with some technical difficulties.  Skip and Harriet (ex-Moondance) met me at the tiny airport, and Harriet and I discovered, once again, that we are shoe (and/or foot) sisters,  separated at birth.


This time, for a change, it wasn’t the shoes (though both were green sandals), but almost identical mint green toenail polish. It was good to be back with both Skip and Harriet, whom we hadn’t seen since Labor Day weekend.  Being with Harriet confirms that if my taste in shoes is terrible, at least I am not alone.

shoes1 shoes2

Turning up in Puerto Rico with the same flavor of Keens (on the left), and turning up Labor Day weekend with another flavor.

Actually, it’s not just shoes; we also happen to have the same exact Henri Lloyd foul weather jackets.  And Harriet turned up in the lobby of a New Orleans hotel we were staying at wearing the same (now infamous) orange tasseled shirt that I also have.  Just a few examples.

What?  Did you think I was talking about being reunited with Rick?  OK, I’ll concede that I missed him a bit. Maybe a little more than a bit….

We drove from the airport to Melbourne Harbor Marina, where we found a dirty, grubby Rick, but that was good — he’d just finished repairing (for the second time) the raw water pump (this is a very, very important engine component, as it’s part of the cooling system — no raw water, no engine).  We’d be ready to leave for Vero Beach in the morning, but in the meantime, a few drinks and dinner at a terrific hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant (Ambia) in Melbourne.

My First Full Day as a Cruiser

Wednesday was my very first day as a real cruiser; Rick was already there.  But I caught up in short order.  Here are the highlights of my day, to prove my cruising bona fides:

– I went out in public without having put on make up or doing my hair;

– Part of my outfit consisted of clothes from the day before;

– When I started getting seasick as I tried to organize things below, I tried a non-chemical seasickness remedy — I stuck an earplug in my non-dominant ear (the left).  And it provided nearly instant relief.  (If you know my history, I get seasick easily, and have gotten in the habit of taking meclizine EVERY DAY that I’m on a boat.  This time I skipped it.  And survived.)

– I calmly helped Rick anchor the boat just outside the ICW as we left the Melbourne marina, as the raw water system failed for a third time, and handed him tools and provided moral support as he spent 3 hours fixing the damn thing.  (Props to our regular Annapolis-based mechanic, for providing an extremely helpful phone consult.  It did the trick.  Spares are now being ordered.)

– Once underway, we made the trip to Vero Beach in pouring rain, each of us going through 2 sets of foul weather gear, the first being too light for the combination of rain and wind.  They got 3 inches of rain in Vero Beach.

It was quite an eventful first day for me.  Harriet picked us up from our marina, and once we arrived at their gorgeous new Florida home, Skip met us with much-needed cocktails.  We had a great dinner, and a cozy night in their guest room.

We’re now set up on Loggerhead Marina in Vero Beach, which we’ll use as our base for provisioning and supply gathering.

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