From Mission Control

As of early this morning, the intrepid crew of Calypso — Captain Rick with Brett Smith, Jeff Weingarten and Charles Corbin — was within cell range off Port Canaveral.  At this point, they will likely go “inside” and make their way to Vero (aka “Velcro”) Beach.

A few images from Mission Control:


Moonset over Cape Canavarel.

Everyone says that offshore sailing in cooperative weather is magical; this is certainly an indication of some of the magic (as well as the general navigational advice that reminds sailors to keep the land to starboard when heading south down the East Coast).  Here’s some more magic:


I am such a sucker for dolphins!

As a follow up to other blog posts:

sun bay pano

Ensenada Sun Bay on Vieques, early in the morning.

This is what an iPhone panoramic shot looks like when (a) the boat is rolling; (b) the user is doing it for the first time; and (c) the user has a flexible interpretation of 180 degrees.  (You can click on the image to get a larger view.)

Finally, I can’t let my cute top continue to be maligned by Seinfeld fans and fashion critics.


The infamous TASSELS.

As is said by many, “Nothing goes to weather like a 747.”  After finishing my long list of tasks (still a few days’ worth), I will be flying down to Florida to meet Calypso.

See you on the other side!

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