Crimes and Misdemeanors

I am told by my legal advisors that in Calvert County, it is a crime to libel a husband.  The punishment is severe: allowing the husband to leave the seat up for 30 days without comment (not even an elaborately heavy sigh as she puts it down) from the wife.  Accordingly, since the mere suggestion in my prior post that the crew of Calypso would leave their bunks unmade could have been actionable, I hereby retract that comment.

Here is the photographic evidence:

calypso.beds made

For me to question the accuracy of that image, in the absence of a time/date stamp, would also be a problem in Calvert County.  So I won’t.  Instead, I say “Good boys!”  Now you can have some Halloween candy from the jar.  (I’m sure you don’t know where it is… It’s on the port side….)

And, yes, the fact that Calypso is in Calvert County instead of having made it all the way to Norfolk means that the weather wasted no time in altering the best made plans.  After sustained 30-knot winds, the crew wisely implemented Plan L and put into Solomon’s Island.

5 thoughts on “Crimes and Misdemeanors

  1. moondance38

    He certainly is well trained! I’m glad they put in for the night. No sense getting beat up all night if you have alternatives!

  2. comocean

    You’re assuming they used sheets! Smart move pulling into Solomon’s – no need to beat yourself up going down the Bay. They may be able to make Norfolk today if the wind and tide cooperate otherwise, lots of cool places to stop in the Southern Bay,

    1. Captain of the Lost Boys

      Thanks, Bob – who’s side are you on anyway? Plan is Fishing Bay tonight and an early start tomorrow.

  3. Jeff

    Quite frankly since you are heading where “the climate suits your clothes”. The less clothes the better. So it stands to reason the less laundry the better. Naturally no sheets means no laundry. So I believe the Captain is just looking out for the Admiral’s interests 😉


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